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Dr Mike Drayton

Executive Coach,

Organisational Consultant &

Clinical Psychologist

Helping you to build great work place relationships and
improve performance with psychologically informed
consulting and coaching
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Who is the saboteur?

The unconscious in everyday life


This is a podcast for anyone

interested in finding out more about

the psychology of

work and every day life.


How to Create a Psychologically Safe and 

High Performance Organisation

Burnout results in people feeling exhausted, cynical, detached and hopeless – even depressed and anxious.


This book looks at burnout from an individual, group and organisational perspective. It uses anecdotes from the author’s life; and examples from literature, poetry and art to bring

the subject to life.


Based on the latest scientific thinking on burnout and evidence-based ideas, this practical, easy read book gives leaders the knowledge they need to create a psychologically healthy and high performance culture at work.


Look inside...follow this link.

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The Saboteur
At Work

How the Unconscious Mind Can Sabotage Ourselves,

Our Organisaitons and Society

If you manage a team or lead an organisation, you need to understand the role played by the saboteur in your workplace
and in your own career and life.

This book enables leaders and
managers to develop their leadership skills by
understanding how the unconscious impacts on individual,
group and social processes.

It will also be of use to
coaches and organisational consultants working in
the areas of teams and performance.

Due to be published in December 2022.