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Are you worried that you might be on the road to burnout?

  • Is your performance at work declining? 

  • Are you feeling increasingly exhausted, disenchanted or cynical about your job?

  • Do you feel detached from people, such as colleagues and friends/family?

  • Are you having trouble sleeping?

  • Are you drinking too much and genrally neglecting your health?

If this is how you feel, you may be on the road to burnout...

I can work with you and support you to reverse the process with a customised coaching programme.

We will start with a comperhensive conversation and thorough personality assessment.  In order to help, I will really need to understand your situation.  The personality assessment is important becasue certain personality factors are associated with burnout (such as high conscientiousness or high agreeableness).

Burnount has more to do with a poorly organised organisational environment than personal weakness.  This will be addressed in the coaching.  The coaching process will help you in taking up your authority to gain more control of your work and home life.  It will help you to understand the systemic pressures that are perhaps leading to your burnout, and help you to change, not only yourself, but the environment around you to minimise the stresses that casue burnout.

For more information, get in touch