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Differences in a team can either create or destroy value.


Psychologists have found that when differences in business teams are managed badly the teams underperform and lack engagement.


However, when differences and conflict in  teams are managed well these teams outperform all others.

We are all different... 

We have different opinions, personalities and backgrounds.

Men are different to women.

We all come from different cultures. 

These can be related to the country in which we were born, our social 
class or our religious beliefs.  


We bring this difference to the teams in which we work.   When these differences are acknowledged and valued, people feel included and this is what adds value to the business.   

When differences are ignored, dismissed or devalued people feel rejected and healthy debate turns into unhealthy and destructive conflict.

Is your team sometimes held back by petty (or not so petty) conflict,

disagreements or just office politics?

In this workshop we look at how differences within your business teams can create value. Often, these differences result in conflict and poor performance.


Psychologists have found that when differences in business teams are managed badly the teams underperform and lack engagement. However, when differences and conflict in  teams are managed well these teams outperform all others.


The Building Inclusive Teams event takes a different approach based on applied psychology and management science.


First, the event addresses individual difference, as its topic (for example, difference in personality, confidence, approach to problem solving etc).


Second, the event focuses on how this difference can improve team business performance and cohesion when it is well managed.


Finally, the most important attribute of a high functioning diverse creative team is an ability to manage conflict in a positive and creative way. This attitude reduces the probability of destructive interpersonal conflict (arguing about people and not ideas) and stress in teams and individuals..


The Building Inclusive Teams event brings tremendous value to your business.  The event is based on peer-reviewed research in positive psychology, creativity and the behavioural sciences to offer leaders and team members down to earth, practical techniques that they can use to build a more positive, creative and resilient team.

Who should attend?

The event is suitable for all levels of management within an organisation.  Participants should have line management responsibility, but not for any other course participants. The Building Inclusive Teams event is suitable for up to 16 participants in total which allows for a high level of participation.


This is a full day, fun and lively training event using discussion, video material and drama bases learning.

In 2016, Opus Performance won a competitive tender to design and deliver building inclusive teams training to Civil Service leaders and managers.  

We delivered over a hundred courses, providing training for over 1500 civil servants from: 

HMRC, DEFRA, Home Office, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Defence, HM Courts & Tribunals, Crown Prosecution Service, Department for Education, Department for Work & Pensions, National Archives


If you are interested in building an inclusive team in your organisation, get in touch

Sasha L

Building Inclusive

Teams Course


I have attended many courses and training events over the past six months.  This by far has been the most enjoyable and practically helpful - thank you

Mike H

Building Inclusive 

Teams Course


Thank you.  It was one of the best training sessions I have attended in the last 15 years .

Julie M

Building Inclusive

Teams Course


Great, knowledgeable facilitators  who offered brilliant tips and advice to use in the workplace - thank you for a great course.