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Business is people doing things with people to produce things for other people.
Business is about relationships – both within the organisation and between the organisation and its customers.
Dr Mike Drayton  specialises in dramatically improving the quality of your working relationships. ​
​How you and your business will benefit:


This will benefit your business in the following ways:​​

  • Dramatically improved performance from your leaders and teams.

  • More customers buying what you sell.

  • Retention of your top talent - and with a knock-on effect of making it easier to attract the best people.

  • A more amiable atmosphere at work leading to less stress (and less stress related sick time).

Our approach

Your unique organisation has unique problems - so we provide a unique consultation service.  Mike bases his consultation on the specific needs and objectives of your business. The diverse scenarios, strengths & weaknesses and objectives of different organisations call for a comprehensive array of consulting services, and that is exactly what Mike provides. 


Mike will work with you to accomplish your objectives in the most efficient way.  Business is all about relationships, and Mike Drayton is an expert at helping your business build great relationships both within your company and with your customers.

How you benefit

There are many diverse, positive results you can expect from Mike’s consultation, such as:


  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

  • Building a reputation for your business

  • Ensuring appropriate allocation of resources

  • Increasing overall business efficiency and productivity


For a free initial chat and to find out how we can help your business please contact me.

How do we do this?​

Dr Mike Drayton, a qualified and experienced clinical psychologist and an expert in organisational development and executive coaching.

His consulting and coaching is based upon sound psychological and behavioural science  –  not the latest management fad.   That’s why he gets exceptional results. Put simply, Mike uses his background in psychology to improve the future of your business.

Mike is an expert in human and organisational systems, and talk to you and your staff to get to know you and your business.   He looks beneath the surface, to understand what is really going on in a situation, rather than what people may assume is going on. That lets us provide clear, sensible advice that you can directly use to improve things. In other words, no psychobabble!

This isn’t just another business methodology, it’s simply what psychologists do best. We love to understand your problems and then work with you to solve them. Our ideal clients are imaginative, creative and energetic leaders in FTSE 350 companies, SMEs, professional firms and the public sector.


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