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mental health awareness at work

Employees with poor mental health - who feel anxious, depressed or constantly angry, don’t perform well.  

Feelings are like viruses... 


When one person feels low, then that can spread to everyone.  At the same time, if you have one or two team members who are enthusiastic and cheery, then this can also spread like a virus - and improve work performance.  Good mental health is so important to the overall functioning of the team you lead and indeed the organisation. 


Dr Mike Drayton explains why it is easy to overlook this simple fact.  You will find out how you can help – how you can talk to – people at work who might be experiencing a mental health difficulty.  In doing this, we are  going to tell you about some fascinating psychology research that explains why good people are often paralysed in the face of suffering.  You will learn about the importance of leading by example, accountability and making clear decisions. 

This training isn't all about 'problems'  


Good mental health isn’t just the absence of anxiety or depression. Good mental health includes happiness, enthusiasm and contentment.  So, to finish up, we will tell you about some simple things you can do to increase the overall level of happiness in the team or section that you are responsible for. 


This is a fun and lively training event using discussion, video material and drama based learning.

Topics covered in the training include:


  • What is ‘mental health’ anyway, and why is it important?

  • Why is it easy to overlook?

  • How can I spot common mental health problems such as anxiety depression and burnout?

  • How do mental health problems differ from normal human distress?

  • How do I talk to someone with a mental health problem without saying the wrong thing or appearing intrusive?

  • How can I help someone with a mental health problem?

  • What exactly do you mean by ‘good mental health?’

  • What can I do today to promote good mental health in the people I manage?

In 2016, Opus Performance won a competitive tender to design and deliver mental health awareness training to Civil Service leaders and managers.  

We delivered over three hundred and fifty courses, providing training for over 5,500 civil servants from: 

HMRC, DEFRA, Home Office, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Defence, HM Courts & Tribunals, Crown Prosecution Service, Department for Education, Department for Work & Pensions, National Archives


If you are interested in mental health awareness for your organisation, get in touch

Ginette D

Mental Health

Awareness Course

Absolutely excellent...really knew his stuff, presented in an easy but fascinating way.  Super balance of serious nature of topic and excellent humour - thank you!

Lorna S

Mental Health Awareness Course


Should be a mandatory course for all managers.

David C

Mental Health

Awareness Course


Very experienced facilitator who demonstrated knowledge and passion for the subject - one of the best courses I have attended.

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