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September 7th, 8th & 9th 


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Dear participant, to get the best from your inclusive leadership programme, please complete these tasks before the online presentation...

Video on unconscious bias (20 minutes)

Short podcast - Why diversity doesn't work (5 minutes)

Ted talk - Lead like the great conductors (20 minutes)

​We will be drawing from your work-life experiences during this workshop.  So for example:

Consider a time when you have felt excluded by others. This could have happened in childhood or anytime during your adult life - at work or in their home life.

In certain exercises we will invite you to consider your current team and apply your learning to them.

1.  Unconscious bias video...

2.  Why diversity doesn't work...

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3.  Lead like the great conductors...

Session 1   –   Exclusion

The session will explore the impact of exclusion on people, how exclusion happens in workplaces and the characteristics that make people more likely to be excluded:

  • Protected characteristics

  • Individual characteristics

Session 2   –   Diversity in Teams

An introduction to DiStefano & Masnevski’s research on diverse teams, the benefits if diversity is harnessed and the typical characteristics of a manager who can do this by being an inclusive leader.

Session 3   –   Unconscious Bias...

Building on the introductory video ‘The Science of Unconscious Bias’, this session allows participants to explore how biases may play out in their working lives.

Session 4   –  … and what to do about it

Practical approaches and tools to enable participants to reduce the impact of biases on their decision making.

Session 5   –   Inclusion

The session introduces DiStefano & Masnevski’s 3-step approach to building more inclusive teams.

Session 6   –   Challenging

A chance to practice the important skill of challenging non-inclusive behaviour in ways that can help build a more inclusive culture.

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