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Conference presentation


Mike has much experience of talking about psychology related topics to different audiences, both expert and non-expert.
He has worked on a number of BBC programmes such as ‘Horizon” and ‘Fat Nation’.  Mike is an experienced enrichment lecturer and has lectured on The Queen Victoria, The Independence of the Seas and the Braemar.
Here are some topics...

Popular Psychology:

  • Cross cultural negotiation - how to negotiate in different countries

  • Why do intelligent people make bad decisions - how to make a good decision

  • Positive Retirement - how to feel younger as you get older

  • Learned optimism - how to see the donut and not the hole

  • What to do when your day hasn't gone well - how to get out of a bad mood

  • How to boost your child’s confidence and resilience

  • Bouncing back - building your resourcefulness

  • Getting the most out of your job

  • How to survive office politics

  • Dealing with rudeness

  • Psychological First Aid

  • Lying & Deception - the psychology, art and science of detecting lies and deceit

  • Overcoming Procrastination!

Academic Psychology:

I am also able to do more serious ‘academic’ lectures such as:


  • Famous figures in psychology:  Freud and his ideas

  • Famous figures in psychology:  Jung and his ideas

  • An introduction to Psychoanalysis

  • An introduction to cognitive therapy

  • The unconscious at work  -  psychology in business

  • Your memory - how it works and how to improve it

  • Emotional Intelligence


If you would like Mike to speak at your event, get in touch...