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Viktor E Frankl

Jewish Psychiatrist who survived Auschwitz

"Everything can be taken from a man

but one thing:

the last of the human freedoms -

to choose one's attitude in any

given set

of circumstances, to

choose one's

own way"

Have you got a tough and emotionally demanding job?

You have worked hard...passed all the exams. 


But now your dream job is turning into a nightmare, and you are losing sight of why you chose the job you are in.

The solution is to create a sense of resilience by re-connecting with the meaning of your life and particularly your work.

Dr Mike Drayton has designed a seminar that draws on Viktor Frankl’s work about his experience surviving Auschwitzi.  This is combined with elements from cognitive behaviour therapy (‘the stories we tell ourselves’) and Nicholas Naseem Taleb’s theory of Antifragile. 

Viktor Frankl a Jewish psychiatrist, his wife and his parents, were arrested in Vienna, and transported to a Auschwitz.  By 1945 his family, had all perished. Frankl managed somehow to survive.  In his work, Frankl concluded that the overwhelming difference between those who survived the camps and those who did not, was the person’s ability to find meaning and purpose in even in the most hopeless circumstances.  


Frankl wrote "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of the human freedoms – to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

This seminar has been adapted from a successful programme delivered to NHS Safeguarding staff.  

Read more about this in The Psychologist.

The NHS Personal Resilience Programme has been independently reviewed and here are the results.

What is resilience

Having a resilient attitude prevents worry turning into panic, pressure into stress and sadness into depression.

Resilience is the ability to  cope, persist  and adapt in the face of adversity.  In other words, when confronted with a tough situation, resilient people, keep calm and carry on.  Some people are more resilient than others. However, resilience isn’t just a fixed quality that you either have or don’t have.  It’s a skill like any other.  Resilience is a set of attitudes and behaviours that can be learnt, practised and developed by anyone. We all have the capacity to become more resilient. 


Being resilient does not mean that you won’t feel upset, worried or sad.  The road to resilience will involve setbacks, disappointments and  emotional distress.  However, having a resilient attitude prevents worry turning into panic, pressure into stress and sadness into depression.

In 2017 Opus Performance won a competitive tender to provide personal resilience training for

NHS England Safeguarding Leads.  

We have delivered over twenty courses, to over three hundred

doctors and nurses working in child protection.


If you are interested in finding out how you can improve your or teams resilience, get in touch 

Named GP for

Safeguarding Children

One of the best courses I have attended....very relaxed approach, it worked well being an

interactive day 

Named Midwife for Safeguarding

Really enjoyed the 'paper not floor exercise'...made me think.  Thank you for a great day!

Designated Nurse for Safeguarding

Children & Young People

Excellent day.  A great way to learn with lots of useful anecdotes and tips.  No death by powerpoint!

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