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Augusto Muench.jpeg

Augusto Muench

CEO for Boehringer Ingelheim Mexico, Central America and Caribbean. Advisory Board Member.

"I met Mike in 2021 as part of the Senior Executive Leadership Development Program in Boehringer Ingelheim which was conducted with Saïd Business School (Oxford University). I had the luxury of having him as my personal executive coach. 

I have learned a lot about with him, about myself clearly, but also about his passion to understand human behavior and particularly taking care of your mind and body. During our coaching process he shared a lot of insights and stories which always ended with a key reflection that led into an introspective analysis of the task I was facing. He had the great ability to make me feel uncomfortable by confronting me with the reasons behind my unconscious ways of living.  He is passionate about burn-out awareness and prevention which I am convinced needs to be given way more attention that today in the corporate world. 

I would work together with him in the future and thank him for the impact our sessions had in me as a leader and more importantly as a person."


Ryan Wynch.jpeg

Ryan Wynch

Global Head of Occupational Health


"At Novartis we have engaged Mike over the years for coaching and education of our workforce in the area of burnout. Mikes technical knowledge combined with his down to earth personal style of connecting with our associates during his workshops was outstanding. Would overall highly recommend Mike as a coach and facilitator."

Nick Deal.jpeg

Nick Deal

Director, Global Learning & Organization Development

RBIS at Avery Dennison

"Mike has supported Cathay Pacific over several years as an executive coach. He has coached a number of the Europe-based Country Leaders and department heads as part of their Senior Transition Programme. Feedback on Mike has been consistently positive. He is highly professional and client-centric, finding ways to keep in touch with people even if face to face meetings were difficult. His feedback is frank yet delivered through a highly positive lens, reflecting Cathay's own culture. During the COVID period, Mike went the extra mile in offering extended additional support beyond what we contracted. He stands out as vendor for being trusted, selfless and thoughtful. I'm happy to discuss Mike at any stage."

Chris Van den Hooven.webp

Chris van den Hooven 

Senior Vice President
AmericasCathay Pacific Airways

"I am extremely pleased to have had Dr. Michael Drayton as my professional coach. I was introduced to Dr. Mike while living in Frankfurt, Germany where I was asked to undertake the task of leading my company through a challenging and complicated restructuring assignment. Dr. Mike was tremendously supportive as he worked diligently to inform me about and help navigate through the emotional and psychological minefield that comes along with this task. Dr. Mike is proactive and recommended numerous helpful and practical articles, examples and tactics which reassured me and boosted my confidence. While working with Dr. Mike, I have had the opportunity to observe his interpersonal style. He is a positive individual who is encouraging and promotes positive motivation, which was exactly what I needed to complete the job at hand. Dr. Mike has surely earned and deserves my highest recommendation."

Kai Hass.png

Dr Kai Hass

Head of Occupational Health & Wellbeing


"Mike is a psychologist who worked at NHS and is working as an independent consultant and trainer now for years. He worked on training for managers and leaders on the topic of mental health and resilience with several companies and ministries. I did work together with him at a health management project for a Swiss company and can really recommend him as a great specialist as well as a pleasant down-to-earth person where it´s simply fun to work with. So if you need any support in that regard/ think about doing something on mental health/ resilience please feel free to reach out to Mike". 

Victoria Love.jpeg

Victoria Love

People & engagement Project Manager

Save the Children UK

"Mike delivered a webinar to our people managers on the 'psychology of remote working'. He covered themes which were particularly relevant to this group, including how to motivate teams, avoid burnout and self-care. I found Mike really easy to work with and the feedback I've had from managers who attended his session has been overwhelmingly positive."


Justin Chang

Country Manager

Italy & Spain, Cathay Pacific Airways

Dr Mike helped develop my leadership skills and provided me with the confidence to perform and lead teams with diverse backgrounds.  His experience also assisted me to understand where I could remain true to myself and when I needed to change to be successful. 


Mike’s background in psychology was a great benefit as his knowledge and research allowed us to dive deep into certain situations which helped to develop my leadership skills. This, coupled with some great real life examples, really opened my eyes and allowed me to understand better the people I was leading as well as the mentality of the organisation. 


He is a great listener and will always be able to pinpoint the areas that need focus, but instead of telling you what or what not to do, he will facilitate a conversation and ask probing questions which then allow you to come to a realization yourself.


Overall, Dr. Mike’s coaching sessions have really allowed me to grow in confidence with who I am and what type of leader I want to be and it has been invaluable especially through the tough times that I have recently had to go through.”

Linda Steggles.jpeg

Linda Steggles

Chief Executive

Beechwood Cancer Centre

"I've had the pleasure of attending Michael's trainings and was captivated by his down to earth, inclusive and knowledgeable delivery style. I was impressed by Michael's ability to understand his audience - offering empathy, challenge and support in equal measures - underpinned by extensive experience in his field of expertise. Highly recommend, Michael and look forward to more of his trainings."


Alison Tennant

Chief Pharmacist

Birmingham Women's & Children's NHS Foundation Trust

"Mike has provided excellent executive coaching. His approach is pragmatic and insightful. He understands the issues that can arise for people operating at board level. He assisted me in solving a number of issues and has equipped me with the skills to improve my performance and become more effective. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking support to improve
their performance at executive level."

Shabia Sumaraj.jpeg

Shabita Sumaraj

Business Resilience & Crisis Management

Cathay Pacific Airways

"I met Dr Drayton in 2016 when he became my executive coach after I received a promotion to a senior position. Initially, I was doubtful as to whether coaching would be of any benefit to me or my position. But boy was I wrong! Dr Drayton became my sounding board, helping me to clarify goals and improve my self awareness.


I learnt how to unlock my potential and by visualising myself as I wanted to be, I was able to boost my self confidence. If you are the type of leader who wants to achieve your professional goals or wants to feel confident making bolder business moves or you are working on a career transition, I highly recommend you contact Dr Drayton."

Brigitte Eigenmann.jpeg

Brigitte Eigenmann

Head Human Resources

Zurich International School, Switzerland

"Dr Mike Drayton held a workshop at our school around detecting early signs of stress and mental imbalance at the workplace and how to address employees. 


I can recommend Mike to any organization who would like to raise awareness around the topics of stress at the workplace and employee well-being. The mix of theory input, practical excercises and group discussion was optimal. Mike is a competent psychologist and presenter and the feedback of the participants was consistantly positive."

Tim_Cogan_New.jpg 2013-7-11-16:31:25

Tim Cogan

Managing Partner

Tinsdills Solicitors

Mike helped us in a very difficult situation which resulted in a senior member of our team being able to return to work after a long period of absence. Without Mikes expert help and assistance this simply would NOT have been possible."

Nick Pond.jpeg

Nick Pond

Head of Finance Operations


I have used Mike’s services for over 6 years. He has helped me through circumstances of extreme adversity and stress – and I have emerged stronger as a result of Mike’s work. 


I would unhesitatingly recommend Mike. He is challenging and yet not judgemental and has proven himself a powerful ally. He is as comfortable dealing with individuals as he is with teams – helping both overcome the symptoms and causes of organisational stress."

Alex King.jpeg

Dr Alex King

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Imperial College Healthcare

Mike's thorough learning, pragmatic approach and keen eye for opportunity combine well with a huge range of interests and a real zest for life. His formative mentoring and encouragement have been a cornerstone of my career in applied psychology, and he continues to set the benchmark amongst colleagues for taking applied psychology into new frontiers!"